Contraband Goods

The following articles must not be brought into the event by public ticket holders.

Some staff may possess some of the listed articles, such as work tools, as long as written approval is granted beforehand.

Any person attempting to bring any of the below items onto site will be required to place such items in the confiscation bins provided at the entry gates and relinquish the item concerned.

If any person is in possession of such items and refuses to part with the item then they will be refused entryand their ticket will not be refunded.

The event reserves the right to report any person, incident or item to the relevant authority.


  1. Alcohol

  2. Any glass – including glass bottled perfume or similar, glass bottles, glass vessels and glass containers

  3. Cans

  4. Soft drinks and water – unless to accommodate access and / or medical requirements. Please note, this is permitted at the discretion of security. Empty refillable plastic water bottles are permitted.

  5. Food – unless to accommodate access and / or medical requirements. Please note, this is permitted at the discretion of security.

  6. Deodorant aerosol sprays over 200ml

  7. Any medication which does not fall under or comply with the requirements of the event Prescription Medicines Policy

  8. Chairs, stools, large seating items, blow up lay sacks, picnic tables and parasols

  9. Banners, flags and poles

  10. All animals (except registered Assistance Dogs and emergency services animals)

  11. Excessive amounts of cigarettes (any amount over personal use for the duration of the event)

  12. Illegal drugs

  13. Drug paraphernalia – including Psychoactive Substances* and Alkyl Nitrates (otherwise known as Poppers)

  14. Nitrous Oxide (in any form)

  15. Weapons and potential weapons or anything that could be adapted to be a weapon

  16. Knives, including pocket knives (without written approval)

  17. Work Tools (without written approval)

  18. CS Gas – including pepper spray

  19. Fireworks, including sparklers

  20. Smoke bombs and canisters

  21. Flares – such as emergency or distress flares manufactured for legitimate military, maritime or transport purposes

  22. Air-horns

  23. Spray paint / cans, large marker pens – items that could be used ‘tagging’ (without written approval)

  24. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s); commonly known as ‘Drones’ or ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft’

  25. Laser devices

  26. Chinese and Sky Lanterns

  27. Kites

  28. Handheld communication devices (such as radios)

  29. High visibility clothing

  30. Pedal cycles, Skateboards and Electric scooters

  31. Powered vehicles – including motorbikes, quad bikes and buggies

  32. Sound systems and items that can amplify sound (without written approval)

  33. Unauthorised or counterfeit merchandise, with or without the event logo

  34. Counterfeit or forged accreditation of any description – paper tickets, e-tickets, wristbands and passes

  35. Body piercing equipment

  36. Generators (without written approval)

  37. Musical instruments, including drums and percussion (without written approval)

  38. Professional tape recorders, Photography, film and video equipment (without written approval)

  39. Corrosive substances including acids and substances which are capable on application to the human body of causing hurt through corrosive action

  40. Plastic or polystyrene disposable plates, trays, cups, mugs or plastic cutlery (without written approval)

  41. Any article that is illegal, deemed to be offensive, abusive or compromise public safety

  42. Any article considered to be potentially dangerous or harmful to public safety, being a single item or a potential component part for another object

  43. Any other items considered to be unsafe or potentially posing a risk to public safety or security

* All substances defined as a ‘Psychoactive Substance’ under the new Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. These substances will be those substances previously referred to as ‘Legal Highs’ and will include herbal materials, powders, tablets, crystalline substances, gas or liquids and may be packaged and marked as ‘smoking materials’, ‘research chemicals’, ‘room deodorisers’, ‘herbal incense’ and ‘cream chargers’, some may even state the product is not for ‘human consumption’

– Attendees must only use the toilets and urinals provided and must not pollute the land.

– Alcohol is not permitted to be taken into the event and any alcoholic drinks purchased on site must
be consumed before leaving. Bag searches will be in operation.

– Climbing or standing upon tables, chairs, benches, fences, barriers, trees, shrubbery, walls, safety
fences, rock arrangements, exhibits, buildings or anything similar is strictly prohibited.